ChemiDoc Go Imaging System

Small Footprint. Big Results.

The New ChemiDoc Go Imaging System.

Small Footprint, Big Results​

GO Above & Beyond

Introducing the NEW ChemiDoc Go Imaging System​

The next generation imager from the ChemiDoc Imaging System line. Effortlessly capture gel and western blot images from your benchtop without compromising on sensitivity and precision.


ChemiDoc Go System Features

Scan the QR code to visualize the compact ChemiDoc Go in your own lab (iPhone-worldwide, Android-US only)

QR code to visualize the compact ChemiDoc Go in your own lab

Advanced chemiluminescence and StarBright fluorescence detection in a compact design. ​

GO ahead — acquire, save, quantitate, report, and publish with ease.​​

Capture gel and western blot images from your benchtop with the same sensitivity as larger, shared instruments. With advanced scientific CMOS digital imaging, expect no compromises in sensitivity or useful linear range when using the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System. Choose traditional chemiluminescent detection, colorimetric, or use cost-effective fluorescent StarBright™ Blue antibodies and go further with multiplex analysis. Normalize to total protein and eliminate the need to detect housekeeping proteins using Stain-Free Gels in your western blot workflow.​

GelDoc Go Imaging System

WEBINARIntroducing the ChemiDoc Go: A Precise and Compact Design to Advance Your Western Blotting

Join us for an exciting webinar where we unveil the power of the new ChemiDoc Go imaging system. Learn about its sensitive chemiluminescence capability with a broad dynamic range, how to add multiplexed fluorescence capability with Bio-Rad StarBright 520 and 700 dyes, and its application-specific Smart Trays that automatically adjust settings.

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Automation capabilities
Smart Tray Technology The ChemiDoc Go Imaging System automatically recognizes your application-specific tray and adjusts imaging parameters and software options accordingly​
Auto-focus Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting
Auto-exposure Two auto-exposure algorithms (rapid or optimal)
Image flat fielding Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized for every application
Hardware Specifications
Touch Screen Functionality Multitouch capable
Display resolution 1,024 x 768 pixels​
9.7" (24.64 cm) display
Maximum image area (W x H) 21 x 14 cm
Detector 20.48 MP BSI (back-side illuminated) CMOS
Bit depth​ 65,536
Quantum Efficiency​ 75% at 425 nm
Dynamic range >4 orders of magnitude
LED excitation sources Trans-UV
Emission filters 520/260 BP, 590/110 BP, 695 LP​
Data output Image Lab SCN, MSCN, SSCN, TIFF (16-bit or 8-bit), JPEG
Instrument weight 21.3 kg (46.9 lbs)
Instrument size (W x D x H)​​ 36 cm x 48 cm x 36 cm
Operating voltage 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Operating temperature 10–28ºC
Operating humidity 20–80% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Gel Excision with the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System​

  • Compact size with a large imaging area — Compatible with large format gels and blots and up to four mini gels or blots at once.
  • Safe gel excision, no matter your stain — Perform gel excision directly on the instrument. The optional UV shield protects the user when working with traditional DNA stains. Use the optional Blue Tray for easy direct excision when working with safe stains.
  • SmartTray Technology with light intensity adjustment — Adjust the blue light intensity during band excision to ensure the clearest view of bands.​

Free Gel Excision Kit

Sterile and safe removal of bands from gels.

Consider Fluorescent Western Blotting

StarBright Blue 700 and 520: blue-excited fluorescence 20 sec

Fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies and advanced digital imaging are a powerful combination for western blot detection and quantitation. The ChemiDoc™ Go Imaging System allows fluorescence detection in two colors using StarBright Blue 520 and 700 Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies. Fluorescence detection with StarBright Blue is compatible with total protein normalization using Stain-Free technology, eliminating the need for a channel to detect housekeeping proteins.

Benefits of StarBright Antibodies

  • Easy Multiplexing

    Easy multiplexing

    Can detect multiple proteins on the same blot.

  • Exceptional Brightness

    Exceptional brightness

    Shorter exposure time compared to regular fluorescent dyes (seconds instead of minutes).

  • High Signal to Noise Ratio

    High signal-to-noise ratio

    Ideal for use with Bio-Rad's ChemiDoc Imaging Systems family.

  • Low Non-Specific Binding

    Low nonspecific binding

    Conjugated to highly cross-adsorbed antibodies.

Learn More about StarBright Antibodies »

ChemiDoc Go Cloud Connectivity

  • Automatically export acquired images to cloud
  • Free data storage
  • Access and analyze your data from any computer with the Image Lab Desktop​
  • One platform to store both proteomic and genomic experiment data​
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy controls​

Learn more about Cloud »


Image Lab Touch Software Features:

  • Quickly set up the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System to capture your image, add notes, and export or print your files
  • Easily manage user accounts and set permissions and security options
  • Works with Image Lab Desktop Software for deep and accurate analysis of your data

Learn more about Image Lab Touch Software »

Free eBook

Find out how Stain-Free technology can revolutionize your western blotting

Stain Free Tech

Stain-Free enabled imaging systems, when used with Bio-Rad's Stain-Free gels, allow immediate visualization of proteins without the time, mess, and cost associated with traditional gel staining and destaining.

Learn more about Stain-Free technology »

ChemiDoc Go Imaging System Ordering

ChemiDoc Go Imaging System

Considering a ChemiDoc Go System for your lab?​

Visit the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System product page to view full system details, features & benefits, specifications, and pricing.

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How does the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System streamline your research?

Watch the video to learn from Western Blotting specialist Warwick May how the ChemiDoc Go Imaging System is designed to streamline the gel and blot imaging processes using cutting edge technology.

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