Invasive Mycology Testing

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Rapid Detection for Treatment of Invasive Fungal Infections

  • Serological Testing Solutions in Mycology

    Bio-Rad offers mycology solutions designed to provide rapid results, because patient survival depends on early diagnosis and rapid initiation of appropriate antifungal therapy.

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  • Sharing Expertise to Save Lives

    Bio-Rad offers a full range of serological immunoassay reagents, testing systems, and expertise for your mycology testing challenges.

    Our serological assays include those for detecting antigens of Candida, Aspergillus, and Cryptococcus neoformans as well as antibodies using standardized antigens of Candida and Aspergillus.

Our EIA microplate-based assays for mycology testing can be performed using manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated instrument systems including our EVOLIS Systems.

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    Bio-Rad assays are designed for quick time-to-results, because when invasive fungal infections spread, time matters for patients.

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    Galactomannan and mannan biomarkers are recommended in international guidelines for the detection of invasive aspergillosis and invasive candidiasis, respectively.

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    We've expanded our mycology product portfolio and expertise! Today, our Platelia Aspergillus Ag assay is broadly used by mycology experts around the world.


Fungal Infection Serological Assays

Platelia Aspergillus Ag Assay


Platelia Aspergillus Ag Assay:
Screen, Diagnose, and Monitor High-Risk Patients

The Platelia Aspergillus Ag assay is a unique, high-performance tool for Galactomannan antigen detection enabling physicians to screen, monitor, and diagnose invasive aspergillosis and rapidly provide the antifungal treatment patients need.

  • Galactomannan antigen detection (Platelia Aspergillus Ag) is among the mycological criteria defined by the EORTC/MSG Consensus Group
  • Monitors the efficacy of antifungal treatment for invasive aspergillo sis in high-risk patients
  • Non-invasive procedure performed in serum allows for twice-weekly screening of high-risk patients
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Platelia Aspergillus IgG Assay


Platelia Aspergillus IgG Assay:
High Performance Anti-Aspergillus IgG Detection

The Platelia Aspergillus IgG assay uses highly purified recombinant Aspergillus antigen in a standardized EIA procedure.

  • Designed for the detection of anti-Aspergillus antibodies in immunocompetent patients suffering from various forms of chronic aspergillosis
  • Excellent sensitivity and specificity
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Platelia Candida Ab Plus Assay


Platelia Candida Ab Plus Assay:
Early Diagnosis of Invasive Candidiasis

The regular monitoring of at-risk patients, combining the detection of circulating mannan antigen (Platelia Candida Ag Plus) and anti-mannan antibodies (Platelia Candida Ab Plus), aids in improving the early diagnosis of invasive candidiasis.

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RDT CryptoPS Assay


RDT CryptoPS Assay:
Rapid, Easy-to-Use Unitary Assay

With simple testing in just 10 minutes and no extraction step, the RDT CryptoPS Assay is perfect for Cryptococcus antigen screening. The semi-quantitative assay, with two different cut-off levels, ensures a facilitated patient triage. And a titration protocol is available for proceeding to serial dilutions.

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EVOLIS Systems

The EVOLIS and the EVOLIS Twin Plus systems assure the highest level of laboratory safety with positive identification of samples and reagents and a unique triple pipetting verification technology (capacitive, barometric & colorimetric detection). The systems offer automatic password protection and complete traceability. Process control is built-in and includes full log documentation.

evolis and evolis twin

Short Time-to-Result
Results obtained in 3 hours (vs. several days with traditional fungal tests)

Workflow Optimization
Platelia Aspergillus Ag, Platelia Aspergillus IgG, Platelia Candida Ag Plus and Platelia Candida Ab Plus assays can be processed in parallel during the same run.

  • Walkaway system for up to 7 microplates processed simultaneously
  • Intuitive software

Secured Process and Traceability
Take advantage of all the outstanding security and traceability features provided by EVOLIS and EVOLIS Twin Plus systems:

  • Positive identification of samples and reagents
  • Bidirectional interfacing with LIS
  • Comprehensive event log from sample loading to result release