TANGO™ optimo System

TANGO® optimo System


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TANGO™ optimo system is a fully automated blood bank analyser that will automate all routine testing procedures including the following: Blood grouping, antibody screening and cross matching. Minimal system preparation is required due to on board reagent storage at optimum conditions as well as storage of plates inside the analyser. This ensures that the system is ready to use at all times. When samples are loaded onto the system, processing is directly integrated into previously started tests for optimal scheduling and efficiency. Random access or batch processing allows the TANGO™ optimo the flexibility to meet the requirements of a busy hospital laboratory.

TANGO optimo System
TANGO™ optimo System

The TANGO™ optimo System combines proven Erytype® S and Solidscreen® II test systems with state of the art instrumentation to provide laboratories of all sizes with outstanding productivity, reliability and true hands-off convenience

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