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Biotechnology Explorer™ Kits enable educators to bring inquiry, the scientific method, and hands-on experiments into their classrooms. The kits provide relevant, engaging, hands-on activities that teach critical thinking skills, drive home scientific concepts based on real world issues, and enable students everywhere to experience the feeling of curiosity and discovery.

BioRad’s Biotechnology Explorer Kits are designed for life science education — including AP Biology and Biotechnology courses — at the high school, community college, and university levels. Several kits are aligned directly with the AP Biology curriculum:

“I learned everything I know about biotech using the Bio-Rad equipment in my high school program. The quality of the equipment made a definite impact on the lab interactions.”

Craig Jerome
Santa Fe
Alachua, Florida

Biotechnology Explorer kits cover a wide range of topics, including:

All kits can be used as individual learning modules, and many are designed to form a complete series:

All kits contain materials for a minimum of 32 students. Check each kit for information on recommended classroom sizes.

Home Science Kits

Home Science Kit

Curiosity, exploration, and discovery are not limited to the classroom. Bio-Rad’s Explorer Home Science Kits allow you to bring hands-on experiments to your home. These kits will engage, educate, and inspire kids of all levels to be curious about science and the world around them.

Genes in a Bottle Home Science Kit Genes in a Bottle™ Home Science Kit

Real-life laboratory science makes your invisible DNA visible in a matter of minutes. Dye your precipitated DNA strands and fashion them into a helix necklace, bracelet, or keepsake. Continue the DNA adventures with a total of seven activities. Ages 8 and up.

DNA Model DNA Model

This colorful and attractive DNA model lets you understand DNA, the building block of life that makes us all human and uniquely different at the same time. This foam DNA puzzle fits together only one way, just like in nature. Ages 8 and up.

The Candy Caper - A Crime Scene Detective Kit The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective Kit

Solve a forensic mystery story using real science. Candy provides the crime scene evidence as you engineer a gel electrophoresis system to solve the crime of the stolen cell phones. Ages 14 and up.

“I appreciate how my children's imaginations were brought into play with this innovative science kit! They loved reading the Candy Caper mystery and then using real forensic science to solve the case”

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez Children's Book Author, Windsor, California

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