Community Outreach

Holiday Food Drive Scholarship Awards Night at Bio-Rad Tour de Cure in Napa Valley Science Fair

Holiday Food Drive

Scholarship Awards Night at Bio-Rad

Tour de Cure in Napa Valley

Science Fair

Bio-Rad's Community Outreach Program

Reaching Out to Our Community
Bio-Rad takes great pride in serving its community! Our Community Outreach Program supports programs and activities that enhance science education and literacy for both elementary-school teachers and their students in our local communities. We also support some organizations in raising funds for diabetes and AIDS research. In addition, the company provides support to charitable nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life for many individuals within our local communities.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists
Most young people have a natural curiosity about the world around them, and many enjoy science from an early age. The hard part has always been to keep them interested in science as they progress through school.

That's why we feel that hands-on, fun, and interactive science education is the most effective way to foster a young person's interest in science careers. Bio-Rad not only promotes science outreach activities, we provide students with opportunities to learn from real scientists. Every year, Bio-Rad employees volunteer to work with students, helping them with science fair projects and more.

The Community Outreach Program also partners with local nonprofit science-education organizations to provide in-classroom science activities that introduce students to research techniques that are performed in today's labs. By helping students begin to build a foundation of science education at an early age, they are better prepared if they choose to pursue a career in one of the sciences.

Following the Educational Continuum
Activities and organizations that Bio-Rad supports follow the educational continuum of science education, from elementary school up to the university level. These activities and organizations include:

Scholarship and Science Teacher Grant Information
Bio-Rad has established a program awarding scholarships to qualifying local high school seniors who plan to pursue a degree in science. The company also offers grants to support innovative science education curricula at the K-12 level for qualifying science teachers at public schools in local communities.

Walking and Riding for a Cure!
Every year, the company's national team, Team Bio-Rad, along with family and friends take part in Tour de Cure biking events throughout the U.S. Bio-Rad also participates in the AIDS Walk San Francisco each year.

Supporting Members of our Local Community
Bio-Rad employees are actively involved in several charitable programs each year that support our local community such as a holiday food and toy drive and others.

Upcoming Events

 Month Name
January National Science Bowl
February West Contra Costa Unified School District Science Fair Judging
March Contra Costa County Intel-Affiliated Science Fair
Project Seed — American Chemical Society
April Scholarship Awards Night
West Contra Costa County Career Day
May Napa Valley Tour de Cure (Bio-Rad's National Team also participates in other Tour de Cure events in the U.S. throughout the year)
June–August Biotech Summer Camp
College Internship Program
Summer Science Camp
Tech Trek, Science Camp for Girls
July San Francisco AIDS Walk
September–May Science Buddies
November Bay Area Science Festival
Discovery Days
Food Drive
December Toy Drive
Coat Drive
Ottieni assistenza

Chiamaci al numero 00 800 00 BIORAD (00 800 00 24 67 23) or +39 024 94 86 600

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Community Outreach
Telefono: 510-724-7000

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