Flow Cytometer vs. Cell Sorter

Both flow cytometers and cell sorters measure forward scatter (FSC) and side scatter (SSC) as well as several fluorescent parameters. Cell sorters like Bio-Rad's new S3™ Cell Sorter, which is capable of high-speed analysis and sorting, can save users tremendous costs and significant time when there is a need for both applications in the lab. Similar to a flow cytometer, cell sorters use flow cytometry to analyze cells but with the added ability to sort live cells for downstream studies. Therefore, it is possible to use the S3 Cell Sorter for less complex experiments that involve one to four fluorescent colors. For either routine analysis or for sorting populations, the S3 Cell Sorter provides a high level of automation that can fulfill your basic sorting requirements, reducing hands-on time and making cell sorting more available to experimentalists. Learn more about the S3 System and discover how an automated cell sorter can meet your needs.

S3 cell sorter with flow cytometer versatility

The Versatile S3 Cell Sorter

Sort up to four colors and get droplet break-off monitoring with automated setup, optimization, and cleaning, all in a small benchtop footprint.

reagents for flow cytometers and cell sorters

Reagents for Cell Sorters and Flow Cytometers

Bio-Rad offers a full line of reagents for flow cytometry and cell sorting — antibody labeling kits and cell viability and proliferation assays.