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Unity Real Time


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Unity™ Comparison Chart

Choose From Four Unity™ Solutions

Choose from several options for participation in the Unity Interlaboratory Program. You can refer to the product comparison grid below to help determine which solution is the most appropriate for your laboratory.

Internet-based solutions such as UnityWeb and Unity Real Time online eliminate the need to install and update software locally in your laboratory, and reduce the amount of support necessary from on-site IT staff. Desktop software solutions, like Unity Desktop and Unity Real Time, are appropriate if your internet connection is not sufficient, or if you prefer maintaining local software.

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Expert QC Data Management Solution for Desktop Users

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189
  • Improve real-time bench and supervisor QC data review
  • Implements best QC rules when used with Westgard Advisor™
  • Runs validation with comprehensive audit trails
  • Provides advanced charts and reports for data analysis
  • Reduces non-essential retests with Analytical Goal options
  • Uploads QC data points from an LIS, middleware or instrument (optional)
  • RiLiBÄK Advisor™ module available to comply with German regulations

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

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