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Access additional support resources for Bio-Rad Laboratories' Informatics Division products below.

KnowItAll Quick Guide KnowItAll Quick Guide

The KnowItAll Quick Start Guide reviews main features of the software so users can get started quickly.

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Installation Guides Installation Guides

Access the latest installation guides for Bio-Rad Informatics Division's software and databases.

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KnowItAll System Recommendations KnowItAll System Recommendations

See a list of system recommendations for Bio-Rad's KnowItAll software.

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KnowItAll Version History KnowItAll Version History

See new features and bug fixes for each version of the KnowItAll system since its first release.

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Support and Upgrade Policy Support and Upgrade Policy

Find out more about Bio-Rad Informatics Division's support policies for KnowItAll software and spectral databases.

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Training Options Training Options

Bio-Rad offers a number of resources for its KnowItAll software users to learn more about features in the software including demo movies, webinars, and more!

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Customer Service

Customer Service:1-888-524-6723

Product Selection:1-888-524-6723

Service and Support

Technical Support: 1-888-524-6723

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