KnowItAll System Recommendations

KnowItAll System Recommendations

The KnowItAll Informatics System requires Windows 10, 8, 7 with the latest Windows updates. A USB port or Internet connection is needed in order to download or install the software and databases.

For best performance, we recommend:  4th Generation Intel© Core™ i5 Processor, Windows 10, 8, or 7, 8GB Memory, 25 GB Free Disk Space

A connection to the internet is also recommended for quick software activation and to access KnowItAll Informatics System's BrowseIt built-in web portal with links to tutorial videos, announcements, and more.

Please note that the standard installation, which includes IR and Raman, will require about 5 GB of hard disk space. If you have any NMR data licensed, an additional 10.5 GB of hard disk space will be required. If you have any MS data licensed, an additional 4 GB of hard disk space will be required. If you have any UV-Vis data licensed, an additional 170 MB of hard disk space will be required.

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