0.2 ml PCR Tubes without Caps, high profile, clear #TBI0201


Choose 0.2 ml PCR Tubes without Caps for efficient heat transfer during cycling. The thin-walled polypropylene tubes and caps have tight seals and can therefore be used for low reaction volumes.

  • High-profile PCR tubes
  • Selection of different types of cap strips available
  • For 5–125 µl reaction volumes
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA
  • Use the Selection Wizard to determine instrument compatibility

Product Options

PCR Tube Volume Caps Package size Catalog Number
0.2 ml Domed 1,000 TWI0201
0.2 ml Flat 1,000 TFI0201
0.2 ml None 1,000 TBI0201
0.5 ml Flat 2 x 500 TBI0501
0.5 ml Flat 8 x 100 TBI0502

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Bio-Rad tube strips come without caps; order Bio-Rad cap strips separately or use Chill-out™ Liquid Wax

Use the Bio-Rad PCR Strip Cap Tool (ECT-2000) for quick seating of cap strips on tubes.

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