Optical Film Sealing Kit for 96-Well PCR Plates #MSO1001


Use the Optical Film Sealing Kit for sealing 96-well plates when using the DNA Engine Opticon 2 and Chromo4 Real-Time PCR Systems.  Microseal ‘B’ Seals can be used for storage and transport of plates. Perforated end tabs can be removed when using semi-skirted PCR plates or with automated plate handlers.

  • Clear polyester seals for high sensitivity optical assays
  • Suitable for unskirted or semi-skirted thin-wall PCR plates and automated plate handlers
  • Use for low volume PCR — down to 5 μl in 384-well plates or 10 μl in 96-well plates
  • Adhesive effective down to –40°C
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA

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