Microseal® 'A' PCR Plate and PCR Tube Sealing Film #MSA5001


Use Microseal 'A' Film* to quickly seal any Bio-Rad PCR plate or tube. This nonadhesive film seals tightly to the majority of surfaces, from rimless polycarbonate plates to irregular surfaces. The silicone-based seal eliminates the need for a wax or oil overlay. The seals are free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA.

  • Smooth release — minimize aerosols and cross-contamination
  • Compliant sealing surface — conforms tightly to most surfaces; seals every PCR vessel offered by Bio-Rad
  • Low volume PCR — down to 5 μl in 384-well plates**, or 10 μl in 96-well plates
  • Peel away liner — keeps surface contamination-free
  • Cuts easily — for use with less than a full plate

Microseal 'A' Film is not designed for optical use. Do not use this film with real-time PCR detection systems.

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A range of films, seals, and foils are available. Choose the best options for your protocols.

Films, Seals & Foils Sealing Optical Storage,
Min Temp
Features/Uses Catalog Number
Microseal 'A' Film Pressure Peelable, seals plates and tubes, low-volume PCR MSA5001
Microseal 'B' Film Adhesive + –40°C Peelable, thin-wall plates, low-volume PCR, automated plate handler compatible MSB1001
Microseal 'C' Film Adhesive + Peelable, raised well rim compatible MSC1001
Microseal 'F' Foil Adhesive –70°C Pierceable, automated system compatible MSF1001
Optically Clear Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer + –80°C Peelable, validated for RT-PCR 1814030
Permanent Clear Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer + –80°C Permanent, water bath cycling, high DMSO resistance 1814035
Pierceable Foil Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer –20°C Pierceable, validated for Droplet Digital™ PCR, high DMSO resistance 1814040
Peelable Foil Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer –200°C Peelable, liquid nitrogen storage compatible 1814045

§Validated with the PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer

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* U.S. patent 5,721,136
** Reliable cycling of substantially smaller volumes has been demonstrated with 384-Well Hard-Shell® Plates using high-pressure motorized lids