Hard-Shell® 384-Well PCR Plates, clear/white, barcoded #HSR4805


Barcoded PCR plate Yes

Plate Dimensions


Not drawn to scale.
All dimensions in mm, unless otherwise noted.

Microplate Dimensions Hard-Shell® 384-Well 480 PCR Plates (HSR-4xxx)
Length at base plane 127.76 mm
Width at base plane 85.48 mm
Height overall 10.40 mm
Well depth 9.35 mm
Well diameter at opening 3.10 mm
Well diameter at bottom of conical section 1.46 mm
Well volume 50 µl
Well spacing 4.50 mm
Well angle 17.5°
Well offset
  Left edge to well A1 12.13 mm
  Top edge to well A1 8.99 mm
  Left edge to P24 115.63 mm
  Top edge to P24 76.49 mm