Concord™ 96-Well PCR Plates, polycarbonate, low profile, clear #CON9601


Skirt format Full-skirted
Well/tube profile Low
Barcoded PCR plate No

Choose Concord Polycarbonate 96-Well PCR Plates for PCR and other applications. These plates fit most 96-well thermal cyclers.


Features and Benefits

  • Thin-wall has efficient heat transfer
  • Volumes of 20–150 µl (maximum of 210 µl) recommended
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA
  • Recommended sealing products include Microseal® 'A' Film, Microseal 'F' Foil, and Chill-out™ Liquid Wax

Note: Concord Polycarbonate PCR Plates are breathable plastic, so reaction volumes should be ≥ 20 µl. These plates are not recommended for use with 35S radiolabeled reagents.


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