NGC™ Mixer Module #788-4018


The NGC mixer module homogenizes buffers from the two system pumps (A and B) and includes a mixer motor assembly and an integrated system pressure sensor. This F10 mixer module can accommodate F10 mixers (263 µl) and can be extended with small mixer barrels of increasing size ranging from 263 µl, 750 µl, 2 ml, 5 ml, and 12 ml for efficient gradient mixing at higher flow rates.

Features and Benefits of NGC™ Chromatography Mixer Modules

  • Integrated pressure sensor
  • Interchangeable mixing chambers for efficient gradient mixing at higher flow rates

More Information

Other modules may be added to your NGC medium-pressure chromatography system to increase functionality and automation. Plug in the buffer blending valve module for automatic inline buffer preparation and generation of pH gradients for quick pH scouting, and the column switching valve module to connect up to five columns, enabling quick and easy column scouting without the need to re-plumb the system.