PCR Kleen™ Spin Purification Module #7326300EDU


Kit contains sufficient materials for 12 student workstations (2–4 students per workstation)  
PCR Kleen™ spin columns 25
Microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0 ml 25
Microcentrifuge tubes, 1.5 ml 25
Curriculum, including teacher's guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide 1

The fourth module in Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series, the PCR Kleen™ Spin Purification Module uses size exclusion chromatography (SEC) to remove unincorpoated primers, nucleotides, salts, and enzymes from PCR products. The kit includes PCR Kleen spin columns, test tubes, and curriculum. Materials are sufficient for 12 workstations. This product is for education use only.