7% Criterion™ XT Tris-Acetate Protein Gel, 26 well, 15 µl #3450137


Gel percentage 7
Comb 26-well
Sample volume, µl 15
Shelf life, months* 8
Gel storage conditions Store flat at 2–8°C; do not freeze
Recommended sample buffer XT sample buffer + XT reducing agent
Recommended running buffer XT Tricine running buffer
Gel dimensions (W x L x thickness, cm) 13.3 x 8.7 x 0.1
Cassette dimensions (W x L x thickness, cm) 15.0 x 10.6 x 0.53
Cassette material Styrene copolymer
Comb material Polycarbonate
Storage tray material PET
* From date of manufacture.  
Number Description Options
345-0129-MSDS Criterion™ XT Tris-Acetate Gel English
345-0135-MSDS Criterion™ XT Tris-Acetate Gel, 7% English

Choose this versatile midi Criterion XT Tris-Acetate Gel for denaturing or nondenaturing PAGE. The gels are made without SDS, which allows the sample buffer and running buffer to determine the separation mechanism.

  • For native PAGE, use Native Sample and Tris/Glycine Native Running Buffers, and for separation by molecular weight, use XT Sample and XT Tricine Running Buffers
  • Neutral pH (pH 7.0) delays acrylamide hydrolysis as compared to traditional Laemmli systems
  • 8-month shelf life
  • Separation range is ~35–250 kD under denaturing conditions
  • Can be loaded with a multichannel pipet

During native electrophoresis, proteins are separated by their mass-to-charge ratio when discontinuous acetate and glycine ion fronts form moving boundaries to stack and separate proteins by both size and charge. Under denaturing conditions, with the SDS-containing Tricine running buffer, the discontinuous acetate and Tricine ion fronts form moving boundaries to stack and then separate proteins by molecular weight.

Packaging Options

Criterion XT Tris-Acetate Midi Protein Gels are available as 3–8% (separation range ~40–400 kD) or 7% (separation range ~35–250 kD) gels, with a selection of different well configurations.

Well Configuration, Volume Catalog Number
3–8% Midi
12+2 well, 45 µl 3450129 3450135
18 well, 30 µl 3450130 3450136
26 well, 15 µl 3450131 3450137
11 cm IPG/prep+1 well, 550 µl 3450133

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