12% Criterion™ XT Bis-Tris Protein Gel, Prep+2 well, 700 µl #3450120


Gel percentage 12
Comb Prep+2-well
Sample volume, µl 800
Shelf life, months* 12
Gel storage conditions Store flat at room temperature; do not freeze
Recommended sample buffer XT sample buffer + XT reducing agent
Recommended running buffer XT MES or XT MOPS
Gel dimensions (W x L x thickness), cm 13.3 x 8.7 x 0.1
Cassette dimensions (W x L x thickness), cm 15.0 x 10.6 x 0.53
Cassette material Styrene copolymer
Comb material Polycarbonate
Storage tray material PET
* From date of manufacture.  
Number Description Options
345-0117-MSDS Criterion™ XT Bis-Tris Gel, 12%, 1 mm English
345-0123-MSDS Criterion™ XT Bis-Tris Gel, 1 mm English

Choose midi Criterion XT Bis-Tris Protein Gels for versatile SDS PAGE.  This gel can be run with two different denaturing running buffers, XT MES and XT MOPS, providing different separation profiles.

  • Use of different running buffers to expand the utility of this gel
  • Two wells for markers or other references
  • Neutral pH (pH 6.4) delays acrylamide hydrolysis as compared to traditional Laemmli systems
  • 12-month shelf life
  • Two wells for markers or other references
  • Can be loaded with a multichannel pipet

The two running buffers and three different percentage XT Bis-Tris gels combine to provide six different migration patterns.

Running Buffer Optimum Separation Ranges
  10% 12% 4–12%
XT MES 2.5–200 kD 1–66 kD 2.5–225 kD
XT MOPS 14–220 kD 6–100 kD 10–300 kD

Product Options

Criterion XT Bis-Tris Midi Protein Gels are available with a selection of different well configurations.

Well Configuration, Volume Catalog Number
  10% 12% 4–12%
12+2 well, 45 µl 3450111 3450117 3450123
18 well, 30 µl 3450112 3450118 3450124
26 well, 15 µl 3450113 3450119 3450125
Prep+2 well, 700 µl 3450120 3450126
11 cm IPG/prep+1 well,
550 µl
3450115 3450121 3450127


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