ddPCR™ Library Quantification Kit for Ion Torrent #1863041

ddPCR Library Quantification Kit for Ion Torrent

200 x 20 µl reactions, includes ddPCR Library Quantification Assay and ddPCR Supermix for Probes (No dUTP), for quantification of Ion Torrent AmpliSeq and RNA libraries using the QX200™/QX100™ ddPCR™ Systems

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Storage at –20°C Guaranteed up to 18 months in a constant temperature freezer
(multiple freeze/thaws not recommended)
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100-33518-MSDS Assay, ddPCR™ Library Quantification Kit for English

Use the ddPCR Library Quantification Kit to quantify the sequencing libraries generated by the Illumina
TruSeq Kit using the QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System.

Kit Components

  • ddPCR Quantification Assay — 1 x 200 µl
  • ddPCR Supermix for Probes (no dUTP) — 2 x 1 ml

Kit Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance — generates precise measurements without the use of standards
  • Library quality visualization — generates quality metrics that are not available when using other methods
  • Precise balancing of sequencing libraries — enables consistent loading and maximum efficiency of the Ion Torrent Sequencing Platforms

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