PCR Plate Heat Seal, foil, peelable #1814045


Choose this Peelable Foil Seal for PCR applications and sample storage. This seal, validated for use with the PX1 PCR Plate Sealer, can readily be peeled after storage at –80°C or in liquid nitrogen.

  • Seal integrity from –80 to –200°C
  • Moderate solvent resistance
  • Free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA

A guide with Suggested Heat Sealing Parameters is available to help minimize optimization steps for different types of plates.

Product Options

A range of films, seals, and foils are available. Choose the best options for your protocols.

Films, Seals & Foils Sealing Optical Storage,
Min Temp
Features/Uses Catalog Number
Optically Clear Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer + –80°C Peelable, validated for RT-PCR 1814030
Permanent Clear Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer + –80°C Permanent, water bath cycling, high DMSO resistance 1814035
Pierceable Foil Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer –20°C Pierceable, validated for Droplet Digital™ PCR, high DMSO resistance 1814040
Peelable Foil Heat Seal§ Heat Sealer –200°C Peelable, liquid nitrogen storage compatible 1814045
Microseal 'A' Film Pressure Peelable, seals plates and tubes, low-volume PCR MSA5001
Microseal 'B' Film Adhesive + –40°C Peelable, thin-wall plates, low-volume PCR, automated plate handler compatible MSB1001
Microseal 'C' Film Adhesive + Peelable, raised well rim compatible MSC1001
Microseal 'F' Foil Adhesive –70°C Pierceable, automated system compatible MSF1001

§Validated with the PX1 PCR Plate Sealer

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