Permanent Clear Heat Seal #1814035


Package of 100 permanent clear heat seals.

The permanent clear heat seal provides a secure sealing option for thermal cycling and sample disposal. When heat sealed, the aggressive adhesive layer ensures tight sealing that can withstand water bath cycling. The clear polymer film also allows inspection of sample wells.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Strong permanent adhesive — forms a permanent bond with polypropylene PCR plates
  • Fully validated — minimal sample evaporation when used with the PX1 PCR plate sealer
  • Solvent resistant — helps prevent seal breakdown when reagents containing high DMSO concentrations are used

Additional Details

Bio-Rad's Heat Sealing Films and Foils

Bio-Rad offers several heat sealing films and foils, each of which is optimal for specific PCR applications.

Heat Seal Application
Optically clear heat seal Best suited for thermal cycling and real-time PCR applications when a clear, peelable seal is desired
Permanent clear heat seal Provides the strongest heat sealing option and is ideal for thermal cycling experiments where seals do not need to be removed
Pierceable foil heat seal Ideal for thermal cycling and workflows requiring a pierceable seal, such as Droplet Digital™ PCR applications
Peelable foil heat seal Best for thermal cycling and sample storage
Find out more about the specific features and specifications for each of the heat sealing films and foils.