ProteOn™ HTE Capturing Kit #1762600


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176-2510-MSDS ProteOn™ HTG & HTE Reagent Kit English

The ProteOn HTE capturing kit includes one ProteOn HTE sensor chip and one ProteOn HTG and HTE reagent kit.

The ProteOn HTE sensor chip features novel tris-NTA complexes for improved capturing of histidine-tagged proteins. The tris-NTA complexes are attached to a polymer matrix layer and are activated by injection of nickel (II) ions for capturing histidine-tagged proteins/ligands. The HTE sensor chip is suitable for various applications including protein–small molecule interactions.

The ProteOn HTG and HTE reagent kit provides the necessary reagents for efficient activation and regeneration of the sensor chip. The ProteOn HTG and HTE reagent kit includes 10 ml of 10 mM nickel sulfate and 50 ml of 300 mM EDTA, pH 8.5, which are sufficient for >80 activation and regeneration cycles, respectively.