ProteOn™ GLC Lipid Kit #1762350


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176-2350-MSDS ProteOn GLC Lipid Kit English

The ProteOn GLC lipid kit includes 1 ProteOn GLC sensor chip and 1 ProteOn lipid modification kit. It is capable of capturing lipid assemblies on a modified lipophilic GLC chip surface.

The lipid modification solution contains alkylamine for the surface modification of the GLC sensor chip. The surface lipophilicity of the GLC sensor chip is adjustable through the amine coupling of the alkylamine for capturing of lipid substances. This approach provides the flexibility to control the lipophilicity of the chip surface for customized lipid/membrane protein applications. The lipid modification conditioning solution is used to clean and stabilize the chip surface before capturing. The same solution is used to regenerate the surface by removing the lipid substances. The ProteOn amine coupling kit is required for using this kit and may be ordered separately if needed.


  • Easy to set up chip surface with target of interest
  • Good regenerability for low chip-to-chip variability and costs
  • Stable capturing of lipid assemblies for high data quality
  • Flexible method for activating the chip surface for optimal surface chemistry
  • Low cost compared to the competitive products in the market
  • Array of 6 x 6 interactions for efficient experiment optimization and high throughput

The ProteOn GLC lipid kit includes the GLC sensor chip and the lipid modification kit required for modifying the sensor chip surface. The lipid modification kit includes sufficient reagents for the use of six GLC sensor chips.