ProteOn Manager™ Software #1760200


ProteOn Manager™ software provides a single interface for instrument setup, experiment design, data collection, and analysis.


  • Instrument control — use wizards for postexperiment and weekly maintenance reminders
  • Protocol design — design templates, use automatic protocol creation, or create custom protocols
  • Sample management — display sample layouts in several ways
  • Data collection — visualize real-time interactions at all 36 spots
  • Autoprocessing — process data to illustrate the effects of different applied parameters with several referencing options including novel interspot and real-time double reference
  • Data analysis — perfom step-by-step kinetic, equilibrium, and concentration analysis using wizards; association, dissociation, and affinity constants are reported

Security Edition software enables compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

The ProteOn XPR36 system includes all of the components required for interaction analysis: instrumentation, ProteOn Manager™ software, sensor chips, buffer and reagent kits, and protocol development kits.