SsoAdvanced™ Universal Probes Supermix, 500 x 20 µl rxns, 5 ml (5 x 1 ml) #1725281


5 ml (5 x 1 ml vials), 2x qPCR mix, contains dNTPs, Sso7d fusion polymerase, MgCl2, stabilizers, ROX Normalization Dyes, for 500 x 20 µl reactions

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Product expiration (after shipping date) 12 months
Storage at 4°C (after thawing) Up to 3 months
Customer guarantee (minimum usage time) at –20°C 12 months
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172-5280-MSDS SsoAdvanced Universal Probes Supermix English

SsoAdvanced universal probes supermix is a high-performance real-time PCR supermix based on Bio-Rad's patented* Sso7d fusion protein technology. This supermix is formulated for a wide range of real-time PCR applications and for use with all ROX dependent or independent real-time PCR systems. The dsDNA binding protein, Sso7d, stabilizes the polymerase-template complex, providing superior inhibitor tolerance, increased processivity, specificity, and greater speed without affecting PCR sensitivity, efficiency, or reproducibility.

SsoAdvanced universal probes supermix lets you:

  • Carry out high-performance singleplex and duplex reactions — the Sso7d fusion polymerase and advanced formulation enable robust performance in singleplex or duplex real-time PCR reactions, providing the highest data precision and allowing cost and time savings when combining 2 assays in a single well
  • Use any real-time PCR system — the universal reference dye in this supermix enables ROX normalization of quantitative PCR (qPCR) data regardless of the ROX level requirements of the qPCR system
  • Achieve superior real-time PCR results under various conditions — our robust formulation delivers consistent performance in fast cycling across a broad range of reaction conditions, primer concentrations, and temperature ranges
  • Increase your qPCR sensitivity and efficiency of detection from compromised samples — the Sso7d fusion polymerase has increased resistance to a wide variety of PCR inhibitors, which helps provide better sensitivity and overall performance
  • Decrease time to results without compromising qPCR data quality — the Sso7d fusion polymerase and optimized buffer together provide rapid polymerization kinetics and instant polymerase activation

Applications and Uses of SsoAdvanced Universal Probes Supermix

  • qPCR/real-time PCR
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Absolute quantification
  • Genotyping (allelic discrimination)
  • Mutation detection
  • Pathogen detection
  • Viral detection (load)
  • Characterization of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Genetic profiling

Packaging Options

Number of 20 μl Reactions Total Volume Number of Vials Catalog #
   200   2 ml   2 x 1 ml #172-5280
   500   5 ml   5 x 1 ml #172-5281
1,000 10 ml 10 x 1 ml #172-5282
2,500 25 ml   5 x 5 ml #172-5284
5,000 50 ml 10 x 5 ml #172-5285


Instrument Compatibility

The SsoAdvanced universal probes supermix is compatible with all commercially available and all Bio-Rad real-time qPCR systems.

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* U.S. patents 6,627,424; 7,541,170; and 7,560,260.