Bio-Plex Pro™ TGF-β 3-plex Assay #171W4001M


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171-W4001M-MSDS Bio-Plex Pro™ TGF-² Assay 1x96-Well 3-Plex English

The Bio-Plex Pro TGF-β 3-Plex Immunoassay is a 1 x 96-well kit that includes coupled magnetic beads, detection antibodies, standards, assay buffer, wash buffer, sample diluent, standard diluent, detection antibody diluent, streptavidin-PE, a flat bottom plate, and sealing tape. This multiplex assay detects:

  • TGF-β1
  • TGF-β2
  • TGF-β3

This assay is compatible in human, mouse, and rat models in diverse matrices like serum, plasma, urine, and milk. Based on 6.5 µm magnetic beads, it is compatible with both vacuum and magnetic wash stations. Magnetic washing simplifies plate processing, provides increased throughput, and results in decreased variability and increased reproducibility.

TGF-β assays are not available in 10 x 96-well formats. Reagent kits in the 10 x 96-well format cannot be used for TGF-β assays.

Key Features

  • Magnetic beads for simplified plate processing
  • All-in-one, space-saving complete kit
  • Premixed standards for generation of curves over a broad dynamic range for each target
  • Compatible with diverse matrices like serum, plasma, urine, and milk

Other Assay Formats Available

  • Singleplex sets (each set includes a vial of coupled magnetic beads and a vial of detection antibodies; requires a reagent kit for magnetic separation (171304070M) and a vial of standards (171X40001) for a complete assay)

Note: Due to unique buffer conditions, TGF-β assays can not be multiplexed with other panels.

Instrument Compatibility

  • Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ or Luminex MAGPIX System
  • Bio-Plex 200 or Luminex 200 System
  • Bio-Plex 3D or Luminex FLEXMAP 3D System
  • Bio-Plex Pro Wash Stations

More Information

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