(Discontinued) Bio-Plex Manager 6.1 Software Desktop License, Security Edition, 10 Users #171scrt10


10-user desktop license, version 6.1, for use with the Bio-Plex® system, allows 21 CFR Part 11 compliance; does not support instrument control and data acquisition

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.

Bio-Plex Manager Version 6.0 Desktop Security Edition for 10 concurrent users. Desktop version is used to analyze Bio-Plex data and generate protocols. This version of the software cannot operate an instrument. It will support an unlimitted number of users and allows 10 users to open the software at any one time. Security Edition software supports US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and has additional features to ensures the security of your data. Features include user log on with defined rights, and extensive audit trails for both instrument functions and actions performed on data files. For more details refer to the software manual which can be found on the documents tab. The included software protection key is installed on a connected network server.

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

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