(Discontinued) Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Diabetes 8-plex Panel, 10x96-well #171f7010m


Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Diabetes 8-plex Panel, 10x96-well, includes premixed coupled magnetic beads and detection antibodies, standards, assay buffer, wash buffer, detection antibody diluent, streptavidin-PE, filter plate, sealing tape, standard diluent, sample diluent for the detection of Ghrelin, GIP, GLP-1, Glucagon, Insulin, Leptin, PAI-1, Resistin

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.

The Bio-Plex Pro™ mouse diabetes 8-plex immunoassay is a 10 x 96-well kit that includes coupled magnetic beads, detection antibodies, standards, assay buffer, wash buffer, sample diluent, standard diluent, detection antibody diluent, streptavidin-PE, a filter plate, and sealing tape. This multiplex assay detects:

  • ghrelin
  • GIP
  • GLP-1
  • glucagon
  • insulin
  • leptin
  • PAI-1
  • resistin

Based on 6.5 µm magnetic beads, it is compatible with both vacuum and magnetic wash stations. Magnetic washing simplifies plate processing, provides increased throughput, and results in decreased variability and increased reproducibility.

Key Features

  • Magnetic beads for simplified plate processing
  • All-in-one, space-saving complete kit
  • Premixed standards for generation of curves over a road dynamic range for each target

Other Assay Formats Available

Custom assays (mixed at the bench): available as Bio-Plex® Express assays

For multiplexing capabilities with cytokine assays, refer to bulletin 5975.

Instrument Compatibility

Compatible with these readers and wash stations:

Species Mouse
Immunoassay for Diabetes
Format Premixed panel
Custom assay options Express
Compatible with Bio-Plex® 200 system, Bio-Plex 3D system, Bio-Plex Pro™ wash station, and Bio-Plex Pro II wash station
Bead type Magnetic
Number Description Options

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