Bio-Plex COOH Bead 16 #171506016


Species Not species specific
Compatible with Bio-Plex® 200 system, Bio-Plex 3D system, and Bio-Plex Pro™ II wash station
Bead type Non-magnetic, polystyrene
Number Description Options
171-506000-MSDS Bio-Plex™ COOH Beads (1-100) English

Bio-Plex® COOH beads are nonmagnetic beads that enable users to build their own protein-based and nucleic acid-based multiplex assays for use with vacuum-based wash stations. The beads come in a 1 ml volume with 1.25 x 107 beads/ml.

The Bio-Plex amine coupling kit (#171-406001) provides a complete set of reagents for coupling proteins to the beads. For nucleic acid coupling refer to the instruction manual. The instruction manual for these products, bulletin 4110012, is only available online.

To build assays which can be used with both magnetic- and vacuum-based wash stations, consider the Bio-Plex Pro™ magnetic COOH beads.

Key Features

  • Available for immediate delivery
  • Compatible with vacuum wash stations

Instrument Compatibility

  • Bio-Plex 200 system
  • Bio-Plex 3D system
  • Bio-Plex Pro II wash station

More Information

This bead region is available for immediate delivery; additional bead regions are available with longer delivery times. Contact Bio-Rad Technical Support for more information.