Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader with Bio-Plex Manager™ MP Software #171015001


Discontinued item – replaced by the Bio-Plex® 200 System or Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System. Includes Bio-Plex MAGPIX instrument and accessories, PC, Excel, Bio-Plex Manager MP software, Bio-Plex Manager, probe height adjustment plate, and Getting Started Guide

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Discontinued Product
The Bio-Plex MAGPIX Multiplex Reader is now discontinued. We will continue to provide premium Luminex instrumentation: the Bio-Plex® 200 System and Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System. We will also continue to provide service, support, accessories, and software for customers with the Bio-Plex MAGPIX Multiplex Reader.


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