Gel Doc™ EZ System #1708270

Gel Doc™ EZ System #170-8270

Gel imaging system, includes darkroom, camera, cables, Image Lab™ software compatible with Windows or Mac OS, and stain-free imaging tray. Additional imaging trays available separately (#170-8271, 170-8272, 170-8273).

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Applications Stain free

Features of the Gel Doc EZ system include:

  • Ease of use — researchers not familiar with the imager can use it easily because there is no need to manually control filters, lens, or lights. Users can create default protocols once and then use the green button on the front of the instrument to reproducibly use these settings time and again
  • Delivery of publication-quality images and completely analyzed results — get clean, smooth, publication-ready images with decreased pixelation when images are cropped or zoomed. Analyzed results, including relative molecular weights, quantitation of bands, Excel reports, PDFs, and more are available in a matter of minutes
  • Time and space savings — obtain results faster without spending time on steps normally required for image acquisition. Save valuable benchspace using this compact system
  • Modular design and flexible options — use specific trays for specific applications. The clearly defined, color-coded trays eliminate confusion. Purchase only what you want and upgrade when your needs change
  • Stain-free technology — condense your 2 hr Coomassie protocol into a 5 min stain-and-image step with this stain-free imaging system. Stain-free gels are western blot compatible, allowing you to check electrophoresis results and quality prior to western blotting. These "green" gels provide sensitivity equal to or better than Coomassie staining and eliminate organic waste disposal concerns