Precision Molecular Mass Ruler #1708207


250 μl, 0.1 μg/μl, DNA standard for quantitation in gels, 100–1,000 bp, 5 bands at 10 to 100 ng, 100 applications

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170-8207-MSDS Precision Molecular Mass Standard English

Use our Precision Molecular Mass Ruler for accurate quantitation of the amount of DNA in a sample band after gel electrophoresis.

Add any conventional sample loading buffer prior to loading; store at 4°C.

Notes: To maintain accurate fragment concentrations, spin down any condensate and mix thoroughly prior to opening tube. The DNA fragments in this product have either EcoRI- or HindIII-compatible cohesive ends.

Bio-Rad Precision Molecular Mass Rulers Mass Range
Precision Molecular Mass Ruler (#170-8207) 10–100 ng
EZ Load™ Precision Molecular Mass Ruler (#170-8356)

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