2.5 kb Molecular Ruler #1708205


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170-8205-MSDS 2 kb Molecular Ruler DNA Size Standard English

Use our molecular ruler to accurately assign molecular weights to DNA fragments separated by gel electrophoresis. Perfect 50% GC content eliminates spurious migration due to sequence variation, ensuring that the fragments migrate exactly according to their specified size.

Add any conventional sample loading buffer prior to loading; store at 4°C.

  • Size range: 2.5–35 kb
  • 14 bands in exact 2.5 kb increments
  • Recommended loading volume: 4 µl
  • Recommended gels:
    • Standard agarose 0.7–1% for conventional electrophoresis or 1.0–1.5% for pulsed field gel electrophoresis.
    • For optimal resolution, use a 1% ReadyAgarose™ Precast Gel

Note: The DNA fragments in this product have EcoRI-compatible cohesive ends.

Bio-Rad Molecular Rulers Size Range
AmpliSize® Molecular Ruler (#170-8200) 50–2,000 bp
20 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8201) 20–200 bp
EZ Load™ 20 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8351)
100 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8202) 100–1,000 bp
EZ Load™ 100 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8352)
100 bp PCR Molecular Ruler (#170-8206) 100–3,000 bp
EZ Load™ 100 bp PCR Molecular Ruler (#170-8353)
500 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8203) 500–8,000 bp
EZ Load™ 500 bp Molecular Ruler (#170-8354)
1 kb Molecular Ruler (#170-8204) 1.0–15 kb
EZ Load™ 1 kb Molecular Ruler (#170-8355)
2.5 kb Molecular Ruler (#170-8205) 2.5–35 kb

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