CHEF DNA Size Standard #1703624


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170-3624-MSDS CHEF DNA Size Standards 5 kb Ladder English

Use CHEF* DNA size standards for size estimation of larger DNA fragments separated by pulsed field electrophoresis.

  • Size range: 4.9–98 kb in 4.9 kb increments (pBR328 concatemers)
  • Recommended gels: 1.0–1.5% molecular biology grade agarose

Notes: Add a sample loading buffer prior to loading. Store at 4°C.

Pulsed Field Size Standards Size Range
CHEF DNA Size Marker (#170-3605) 0.2–2.2 Mb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (#170-3624) 4.9–98 kb
CHEF DNA Size Marker (#170-3633) 3.5–5.7 Mb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (#170-3635) 48.5–1,000 kb
CHEF DNA Size Marker (#170-3667) 1–3.1 Mb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (#170-3707) 8.3–48.5 kb

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*Clamped homogenous electrical field