ChemiDoc™ MP V3 Western Workflow™ for Midi Gels #17001389


Pkg of 1, complete suite of instruments and consumables to run fluorescent or chemiluminescent western blotting experiments from start to finish. Uses precast midi gels. Includes Image Lab™ Software.

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Automation Capabilities  
Smart Tray Technology™ Automatic recognition of application-specific tray and adjustment of imaging parameters and software options
Autofocus Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
Auto-exposure Two user-defined modes (rapid or optimal auto-exposure) for all blot and gel imaging applications
Image flat fielding Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized for each application
Touch-screen functionality Multitouch capability (2 points) 12.1" display
Maximum image area (W x H) 21 x 16.8 cm
Detector Cooled CCD, 6 megapixels
Dynamic range >4 orders of magnitude
Illumination sources Trans-UV, 302 nm excitation
Trans-white (requires White Sample Tray)
Trans-blue, 450–490 nm excitation (requires Blue Sample Tray)
Epi-blue, 460–490 nm excitation
Epi-green, 520–545 nm excitation
Epi-red, 625–650 nm excitation
Epi-far red, 650–675 nm excitation
Epi-near IR, 755–777 nm excitation
Filter and application 590/110 nm standard filter to perform protein and DNA gel and blot imaging
Chemiluminescence filter
518–546 nm filter for blue-excitable fluorophores and stains
577–613 nm filter for green-excitable fluorophores and stains
675–725 nm for red-excitable fluorophores and stains
700–730 nm filter for far red-excitable fluorophores and stains
813–860 nm for near IR-excitable fluorophores and stains
Data output 16-bit or 8-bit: SCN, TIFF, JPEG files
Instrument weight 35 kg (78 lb)
Instrument size (L x W x H) 61 x 51 x 53 cm
Operating voltage 100–250 V
Operating temperature 10–28°C
Operating humidity 10–85% relative humidity (non-condensing)

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What Is Stain-Free Technology?
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Use the ChemiDoc MP V3 Western Workflow for Midi Gels for streamlined electrophoresis and blotting. The versatile full-feature ChemiDoc MP Imaging System permits a wide range of blotting applications. This system is compatible with a wide range of fluorophores (see the fluorophore compatibility table), such as StarBright™ Secondary Antibodies, ethidium bromide, SYPRO Ruby, Coomassie, and silver stains.

The western blotting protocol with the V3 Western Workflow for midi gels provides a five-step approach combining traditional blotting techniques with innovative tools, allowing you to quickly check electrophoresis results and blot transfer quality prior to western blotting.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient workflow — rapid results with the ability to validate each step
  • High performance imaging and analysis — combined sensitivity with comprehensive analysis and documentation
  • Compatibility with a wide range of fluorophores and stains — chemiluminescence, colorimetric, stain-free, and fluorescence (RGB, far red and near IR) detection
  • Stain-free imaging enabled — obtain a gel image in 5 min without staining and destaining; normalization by total protein
  • Easy to use — automatic selection of optimal light source by application, auto focus, auto exposure, and preview features; intuitive touch-screen user interface

Product Contents

  • 1 ChemiDoc MP Imaging System (17001402)
  • 1 Blot/UV/Stain-Free Sample Tray (12003028)       
  • 1 Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System (1704150)
  • 3 Trans-Blot Turbo Midi Nitrocellulose Transfer Packs, 10 per pack (1704159)
  • 1 Criterion Electrophoresis Cell (1656001)
  • 3 Immun-Blot® Low Fluorescence PVDF/Filter Paper Sets (1620262)
  • 10 4–20% Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Protein Gels, 10 per pack (5678094)
  • 3 10x Tris/Glycine/SDS Running Buffer, 1 L (1610732)
  • 1 1x Tris Buffered Saline with 1% Casein, 1 L (1610782)
  • 1 2x Laemmli Sample Buffer, 30 ml (1610737)
  • 1 Precision Plus Protein All Blue Standards, 50 applications (1610373)
  • 1 Precision Plus Protein Unstained Standards, 100 applications (1610363)
  • 1 PowerPac™ Basic Power Supply (1645050)
  • 1 Clarity™ Western ECL Substrate, 200 ml (1705060)
  • 1 Clarity Max™ Western ECL Substrate, 100 ml (1705062)

Configuration Options

  • ChemiDoc MP V3 Western Workflow for Mini Gels (17001395)
  • ChemiDoc MP V3 Western Workflow for Midi Gels (17001389)

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program