(Discontinued) Immun-Star™ WesternC™ Chemiluminescence Kit #170-5070


Chemiluminscence HRP detection kit, includes 50 ml luminol/enhancer, 50 ml stable peroxide buffer; for CCD imaging of western blots

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.

Number Description Options
170-5070-MSDS ImmunStarâ„¢ Western Câ„¢ Substrate Kit English

Use the Immun-Star WesternC chemiluminescence kit for protein detection on western blots.

  • Proprietary Immun-Star formulation includes an enhancer to prolong the duration and intensity of the emitted light
  • Ideal for use with Bio-Rad imaging systems

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Supporting Documents

Download the Immun-Star WesternC Chemiluminescent Kit Instruction Manual for a detailed assay protocol and troubleshooting guide.