iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader #1681135


Wavelength range, nm 400–750
Number of filters accommodated 8
Software Built-in (64 assay protocols, data storage, analysis, and reports); computer- controlled (Microplate Manager 6, PC and Mac, format readings, analyze data, kinetic and single point)
Languages 4 (English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian)
Printer Built-in
Shaker Three speed

The iMark™ microplate absorbance reader offers reading speeds of 6 sec at single wavelength detection, onboard software capabilities including protocols for kinetic assays, a preprogrammed validation protocol, a built-in plate shaker, and a built-in thermal printer. The instrument can read flat-, U-, or V-bottom microplates or 8- or 12-well strip plates. It is provided with six filters (415–750 nm). In addition to the onboard software, the instrument is offered together with Microplate Manager® 6 software (PC or Mac) to control the reader in various detection modes and to analyze the data.


  • Automatic control of detection, data formats, and analyses
  • Data storage and reports for most complex photometric applications
  • Easy configuration, storage, and application of customized protocols
  • Proactive and prompt maintenance
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Accommodation of various validation protocols including installation qualification and operational qualification (IQ/OQ)