Microbial Culturing Module #1665020EDU


Kit contains sufficient materials for 12 student workstations (2–4 students per workstation)  
Ampicillin, lyophilized 2
LB broth, capsules 12
LB nutrient agar powder 1
Petri dishes, 60 mm, sterile 40
Cell culture tubes, 15 ml, sterile 75
Inoculation loops, sterile 80
E. coli strain HP101 K-12, lyophilized 1
Disposable plastic transfer pipets 10
Curriculum, including teacher's guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide 1
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166-5020-MSDS Microbial Culture Reagents Kit English

The sixth module in Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series, the Microbial Culturing Module contains the reagents necessary for teaching basic sterile technique, culturing E. coli, transforming ampicillin-resistant bacteria, and growing miniprep cultures. Kit includes ampicillin, nutrient agar and broth, Petri dishes, E. coli strain HB101 K-12, tubes, loops, disposable plastic pipets, and curriculum. Materials are sufficient for 12 workstations, each with up to four students. This product is for education use only.