GAPDH PCR Module #1665010EDU


Kit contains sufficient materials for 12 student workstations (2–4 students per workstation)  
Initial GAPDH PCR primers, 50 µl 1
Nested GAPDH PCR primers, 50 µl 1
PCR master mix, 1.2 ml 3
Plasmid control DNA, 1 ml 1
Control Arabidopsis genomic DNA, 20 µl 1
Exonuclease I, 50 µl 1
500 bp molecular weight ruler, 400 µl 1
Orange G loading dye, 1 ml 2
Sterile water, 2.5 ml 3
PCR tubes, 0.2 ml 150
Capless PCR tube adaptors, 1.5 ml 150
Colored microcentrifuge tubes, 2.0 ml 120
Jellyfish-shaped foam floats 12
Curriculum, including teacher's guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide 1
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