Crime Scene Investigator PCR Basics Kit Plus Small DNA Electrophoresis Reagent Pack #1662650EDU


Classroom study kit includes Crime Scene Investigator PCR Basics kit (1662600EDU) and agarose gel electrophoresis reagents for 48 (1%) or 16 (3%) 7 x 10 cm agarose gels; education use only

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166-2650-MSDS Crime Scene Kit with Reagent Pack English

Crime Scene Investigator PCR Basics™ Kit is an introductory PCR classroom study kit. The kit includes materials sufficient for eight student workstations and up to 32 students:

  • Crime scene and suspect DNA samples, PCR master mix, primers, allele ladder, loading dye, test tubes/holders
  • Curriculum with Teacher's Guide, Student Manual, and graphical Quick Guide
  • Gel electrophoresis reagents to pour, run, and stain forty-eight 1% or sixteen 3% 7 x 10 cm agarose gels

This product is for education use only.