Transformation Reagent Refill Kit #1660555EDU


Refill kit contains sufficient consumables for 8 student workstations (2—4 students per workstation)  
pGLO™ plasmid, lyophilized, 20 µg 1
E. coli strain HB101 K-12, lyophilized 1
LB nutrient broth, sterile, 10 ml 1
Ampicillin, lyophilized, 30 mg 1
Arabinose, lyophilized, 600 mg 1
Transformation solution, (CaCl2), sterile, 15 ml 1
Number Description Options
166-0555-MSDS Transformation Reagent Refill Kit English

Use the Transformation Reagent Refill Kit with the pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit (1660003EDU). This kit contains the components for producing bacteria with arabinose-regulated expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP). Materials are sufficient for eight workstations. This product is for educational use only.

See the pGLO Bacterial Transformation Kit product page for more information.

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