Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Cell with Sample and Running Buffers #1658061


4-gel vertical electrophoresis system, includes electrode assembly, companion running module, tank, lid, 2x Laemmli sample buffer and 10x Tris/glycine/SDS running buffer

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Number of gels 1–4
Cell (tank and lid with power cables) 1
Companion module (to run up to 4 gels) 1
Included buffers, standards 2x Laemmli sample buffer, 10x Tris/glycine/SDS running buffer, Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Color standards, sample size
Precast gels Mini-PROTEAN or Ready Gel® precast gels
Handcast gels Handcast using Mini-PROTEAN glass plates
Total buffer volume to run 2 gels (ml) 800
Total buffer volume to run 4 gels (ml) 1,000
Recommended power supply PowerPac™ Basic, PowerPac HC (high current), PowerPac HV (high voltage), or PowerPac Universal
Typical run time for SDS-PAGE 35–45 min (at 200 V constant)
Gel format Mini
Buffer dam 1

Use the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra vertical electrophoresis system to run 1–4 Mini-PROTEAN precast gels, Ready Gel® precast gels, or handcast polyacrylamide gels.

This protein electrophoresis package includes:

Does not include handcasting accessories.

Note: To run 1–4 gels, please order a 4-gel cell or order a 2-gel cell and the optional Mini-PROTEAN Tetra companion running module (165-8038).

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