Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell, Mini Trans-Blot Module, and PowerPac HC Power Supply #165-8035

Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell, Mini Trans-Blot Module, and PowerPac HC Power Supply #165-8035

Electrophoresis and blotting system, 10-well, 1.0 mm, 4-gel system (#165-8001), blotting module (#170-3935) without lower buffer tank and lid, includes high current power supply (#164-5052)

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The Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra cell for handcast gels (catalog #165-8001), Mini Trans-Blot® cell (catalog #170-3935), and PowerPac™ HC power supply (catalog #164-5052) are bundled together in this offering.

The versatile, easy-to-use Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell is ideal for vertical mini gel electrophoresis. The Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell includes a lid with power cables, one electrode assembly, one companion running module (to run up to four gels), one mini cell buffer dam, two casting stands, four casting frames, five 10-well combs, and five sets of glass plates for 1.0 mm thick gels (five glass plates per box; 25 complete sets).

The Mini Trans-Blot cell provides rapid, high-quality blotting of two Mini-PROTEAN precast or handcast gels. The cell accommodates two color-coded gel holder cassettes for simultaneous electrophoretic transfer and is used in the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell tank.

The PowerPac HC power supply, with its higher current output capacity, is recommended for high-current applications such as high-throughput electrophoresis; it is also a perfect choice for western blotting. The two-line, 16-character LCD allows programming from a single screen and easy monitoring of run progress. Intuitive programming permits multistep methods and timed runs with the choice of constant voltage, current, or power output.