ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Signal), 50 preps #1632087

ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Signal), 50 preps

50 preps, includes 50 ml signal protein extraction buffer 1 (S1), 50 ml signal protein extraction buffer 2 (S2), 25 g protein solubilization buffer (PSB), 30 ml PSB diluent, instruction manual; for 50 extractions of 25–50 mg of cells or tissue

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163-2087-MSDS ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit (Signal) English

 Choose the ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Signal) to enrich for signaling proteins. This kit uses differential solubilization at 4°C in the presence of Triton X-100 to isolate proteins associated with lipid rafts.

  • Isolate proteins involved in intracellular membrane trafficking and signaling pathways
  • After fractionation, proteins are easily solubilized in the supplied buffer
  • Solubilized proteins can be used immediately in IEF, SDS-PAGE and other applications

Many proteins located within lipid rafts are resistant to solubilization at 4°C by Triton X-100 and other nonionic detergents. The ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Signal) utilizes a proprietary mixture of nonionic detergents to extract and remove hydrophilic and soluble proteins, leaving behind the signal proteins in a detergent-insoluble fraction.

Proteins that can be isolated using this kit include

  • Gycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored proteins
  • Caveolin and other caveolae-associated proteins
  • Acylated tyrosine kinases
  • Heterotrimeric G-proteins
  • Some proteins with transmembrane domains

Kit Components

For 50 extractions of 25–50 mg of cells or tissue:

  • Signal protein extraction buffer 1 (S1), 50 ml
  • Signal protein extraction buffer 2 (S2), 50 ml
  • Protein solubilization buffer (PSB), 25 g
  • PSB diluent, 30 ml
  • Instruction manual

Bio-Rad offers a range of ReadyPrep Kits for Fractionation by Cellular Location. These kits reduce sample complexity, increase detection and identification of low-abundance proteins, and simplify proteomic studies.

ReadyPrep Kit for Fractionation by Cellular Location Proteins Targeted Catalog Number
ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Cytoplasmic/Nuclear) Cytoplasmic and nuclear 1632089
ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Membrane I) Membrane-anchored, with one or two transmembrane domains, and hydrophobic 1632088
ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Membrane II) More than two transmembrane domains and/or proteins resistant to Membrane I Kit 1632084
ReadyPrep Protein Extraction Kit (Signal) Associated with lipid rafts 1632087

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