Certified™ Megabase Agarose #1613108


Moisture ≤7%
Ash ≤0.25%
–mr (1.0% Gel)
Sulfate ≤0.12%
Clarity (Np) ≤40
Gel strength (g/cm2) ≥1,800 (for 1%)
≥3,200 (for 1.5%)
Gelling temperature (°C) 36
Melting temperature (°C) 88
Number Description Options
161-3108-MSDS Certified™ Megabase Agarose English

Choose Certified Megabase Agarose for applications requiring a very high gel strength, high electrophoretic mobility, and high exclusion limit.  This agarose remains easy to handle at concentrations as low as 0.3%.

  • Suitable for CHEF and FIGE applications
  • Separation range of up to 5 Mb
  • High gel strength permits lower gel concentrations and shorter run times
  • Low background staining ideal for imaging of high molecular weight DNA
  • Guaranteed to be free of DNA binders, inhibitors, DNases, and RNases
  • Very low gel background staining
Certified Megabase Agarose Separation Range
1.25% 100 bp–10 kb
1% 100 bp–11 kb
0.75% 500 bp–60 kb

Certified Megabase Agarose has greater electrophoretic mobility, faster migration rates, faster running times, and better separation of megabase fragments than Pulsed Field Certified™ Agarose.

Packaging Options

Weight Catalog Number
25 g 1613108
125 g 1613109
500 g 1613110

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