Certified™ PCR Agarose #1613105


Moisture ≤7%
Ash ≤0.35%
–mr (1.0% Gel)
Sulfate ≤0.11%
Gel strength (g/cm2) ≥2,200 (for 1.5%)
≥4,200 (for 4%)
Gelling temperature (°C) 40
Melting temperature (°C) 93
Number Description Options
161-3103-MSDS Certified™ PCR Agarose English

Use Certified PCR Agarose for analysis of your PCR products. This high-strength agarose forms gels that are easy to handle and remain flexible even at high gel percentages, minimizing the risk of cracking or breaking.

  • For separations of ~20 bp to 2.5 kb
  • Genetic quality tested (GQT) grade
  • Guaranteed to be free of DNA binders, inhibitors, DNases, and RNases
  • Very low gel background staining
  • Very high gel strength and high exclusion limit
  • Gels at 40°C so it is fast and easier to prepare than other GQT products with similar sieving properties
Certified PCR Agarose Separation Range
4% 20 bp–1 kb
3% 40 bp–2 kb
2% 100 bp–2.5 kb

Packaging Options

Weight Catalog Number
25 g 1613103
125 g 1613104
500 g 1613105


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