3% TBE Wide Mini ReadyAgarose™ Precast Gel, 15.6 x 10 cm, 20-well, with ethidium bromide #1613030


Number Description Options
161-3002-MSDS Agarose Gels TBE with Ethidium Bromide English
161-3006-MSDS Agarose Gels - 3% TBE with Ethidium Bromide English
161-3040-MSDS Agarose Gels TBE with Ethidium Bromide English

Choose individually packaged Wide Mini ReadyAgarose Precast Gels made with high-strength, high-resolution Certified™ Agarose for all your molecular biology needs. The ready-to-load gel is in a notched 15.6 x 10 cm UV-transparent tray that holds the gel in place, and can be loaded using a multichannel pipet.

  • UV-transparent gel tray; see and record results without handling the gel
  • Trays have fluorescent well numbers and a printed ruler for easy reference
  • Lock tabs to prevent movement during loading and running
  • 2-sided tray for less distortion than a 4-sided tray giving consistently straight lanes
  • Gels fit securely in Bio-Rad’s Wide Mini-Sub® Cell GT Cells, or run in any sub cell at least 15.6 cm wide

A 3% ReadyAgarose Gel is easier to handle and gives the same performance as a 4% gel made with standard agarose. Wide Mini ReadyAgarose Gels are available in different formulations and well configurations.

ReadyAgarose Gels Optimal Resolution Range 20-well 32-well 2 x 32-well
1% with ethidium bromide 200 bp–10 kb 1613028 1613034 1613038
3% with ethidium bromide 20 bp–1 kb 1613030 1613036 1613040
1% with ethidium bromide 200 bp–10 kb 1613044 1613050 1613054
3% with ethidium bromide 20 bp–1 kb 1613046 1613052 1613056

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Supporting Documentation

  • ReadyAgarose Instruction Manual (print copy free on request with the purchase of any ReadyAgarose Gel 1613000)
  • ReadyAgarose Precast Gel Flier
  • ReadyAgarose Precast Gel Brochure
  • DNA Analysis Workflow Brochure 
  • Advantages of ReadyAgarose Precast Gels Over 96-Well Handcast Gels for High-Throughput Analysis, Application Note

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