50x Tris/Acetic Acid/EDTA (TAE), Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Buffer #1610743


Storage temperature ambient
Shelf life 1 year from shipping date at ambient temperature
Number Description Options
161-0743-MSDS 50X Tris/Acetic Acid/EDTA Buffer English

Use 50x Tris/Acetic Acid/EDTA (TAE) for electrophoresis of nucleic acids.

  • Compatible with horizontal agarose and vertical polyacrylamide gels
  • Use with nondenatured and denatured DNA and nondenatured RNA
  • Unlike TBE, it does not interfere with the activity of some downstream enzymes such as ligases
  • Made with 18 Ω water

Packaging Options

50x Buffer Catalog Number
TAE, 1 L 1610743
TAE, 5 L cube 1610773

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