Dodeca™ Silver Stain Kit for Protein Gels, large #1610480


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161-0480-MSDS Dodeca™ Silver Stain 7 L & 10 L Kit English

Use Dodeca Silver Stain Kits for the detection of nanogram levels of proteins in 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels with a Dodeca Stainer. The kits have been formulated for quick preparation of the volumes of working solutions required for the number of gels to be stained.

  • Can be used to stain individual gels
  • High sensitivity; 0.25–0.5 ng for BSA
  • Staining complete in less than 3 hours
  • Low background staining and fewer artifacts to enhance the detection of low-abundance proteins
  • Optimized to minimize silver residue deposition in the Dodeca Stainer
  • Compatible with mass spectrometry, without any further treatment

Product Contents

  • Sensitizer concentrate (SC), 1 L
  • Background reducer concentrate (BRC), 125 ml
  • Silver reagent concentrate (SRC), 200 ml
  • Development buffer concentrate (DBC), 1 L
  • Image developer concentrate (IDC) (contains formaldehyde), 2.25 ml
  • Quick reference card

Packaging Options

Compatible Dodeca Stainer, max gel size Number of Gels Catalog Number
Large (1653400), 25.6 x 23 cm Up to 12 large 1610480
Small (1653401), 20 x 20.5 cm Up to 12 large or 24 midi 1610481

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