Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Xtra Prestained Protein Standards #1610377


MW size range, kD 2–250
Stain type Dual Color
Volume, µl 500
Total number of applications 50
Shelf life Store for 6 months at 4°C or 12 months at –20°C
Loading volume on mini gels, µl for Coomassie staining, 10
Loading volume on mini gels, µl for fluorescent blot detection, 5 (at a 1:10 dilution); only bands between 5 kD and 250 kD will show
Application Type  
Monitoring electrophoretic separation for SDS-PAGE gels Yes
Molecular weight sizing on SDS-PAGE gels Yes
Monitoring blot transfer efficiency Yes
Fluorescence blots Yes
Number Description Options
161-0377-MSDS Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Xtra Standards English

Precision Plus Protein Dual Xtra Standards are a mixture of 12 recombinant proteins (2–250 kD), including nine blue-stained bands and three pink reference bands (2, 25, and 75 kD). These standards can be detected by fluorescence when excited at red and green wavelengths.

Visible Band Color Excitation Fluorescent Band MW
Blue 635 nm laser or Red LED 15, 20, 37, 50, 100, 150, 250 kD
Pink 532 nm laser or Green LED 25, 75 kD
Note: For Precision Plus Protein Dual Xtra Prestained Standards the 2 kD band is not visible on fluorescent blots.

Packaging Options

Number of Applications Total Volume
Catalog Number
  500 µl 1610377
250  2.5 ml (5 x 500 µl) 1610397

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